Txalaparta Hutsa is more than a musical concert, it is a journey through the evolution that unites the traditional txalaparta with the most modern, with its myths and its traditions. We are incorporating to the pulse of the instrument new techniques and new hits, getting original creations based on the question-answer and on the importance of improvisation



It is a street animation in which we represent the traditional process of making cider. During the show we will show the relationship between work and music, we will crush the apple in the traditional way, and to finish, we will play the kirikoketa and taste the juice.



We adapt to your needs to create a magical, unique and unrepeatable moment. Congresses, weddings, inaugurations and private parties.


We offer individual and group classes where in a programmed way we teach to play the txalaparta. In addition we also do workshops in the street, focused on bringing the txalaparta to the street in a fun way.