Mielotxin, (2017)   
       Collaboration on his last album "Alan Lomax in memoriam" and currently presenting it live. 

             A contemporary circus musical show that tells the story of a rebellion in a small community, a group of men and women who oppose abuses in their work, and which brings together different artistic disciplines framed in an innovative dramaturgy. 4 musicians, 4 acrobats, a clown and a boss.

       A production of the Aire-Aire distributor, in collaboration with the city councils of Bilbao and Vitoria. The premieres were in Kaldearte and Kalealdia, festivals of the Performing Arts.

Magnificat, (2015-2016)
        Composition by Josu Elberdin Badiola, from Pasaia (Gipuzkoa), for orchestra, choir, organ, trikitixa, alboka and txalaparta.. 

“Basajaunaren azken kantua-El ultimo canto del Basajaun”, (2016-2017)
          It is a production of the Chamber Choir of Pamplona with music by Béla Bartók and Koldo Pastor and premiered on March 3 and 4 at the Gayarre Theater in Pamplona. It is a multidisciplinary show that combines theater, video-projection, music and dance, especially dance, which revolves around the relationship of man with the ancestral, with the earth, with nature ...

Jaso-Escrich-Lizarraga+Hutsun, (2016-2017)
          It is a unique and innovative bet where the txalaparta is integrated into a jazz formation. During the concert jazz standards are interpreted in which each of the instrumentalists enjoys their moments of improvisation. The premiere of this concert was during the 2016 JazzFermin.

“Las lagrimas de Alicia”,(2011-2016)
         Collaboration in the mapping show by Patxi Araujo. The artist has extensive experience in the field of plastic from which he comes, and in which he has made numerous solo and group exhibitions. He has worked in the field of experimental animation, receiving awards and mentions in different international artistic video and animation competitions.

     It is a local rap group with which in 2015 we collaborate. We performed a unique concert in Pamplona in which we put melody to their bases with our stone txalaparta in a couple of songs.

 Mikeltats Dantza Taldea,(2013-2014)
        Participation in the show of the dance group of Villava Mikelats. Made for the commemoration of the group's twentieth anniversary, it combined live music with dance for both, to trace the geography of the regional dances of our country.

Programa Kultur,(2011, 2012 y 2016)
      K KULTUR is a program of the Department of Culture, Sport and Youth of the Government of Navarra that runs throughout the summer in 39 locations and enclaves of interest with an extensive and varied programming of music, dance and art. We have performed twice in the Robledal of Orgi and one in Orbaizeta.

“Atarrabia 1512-1521” (2012)

     It is a live theater, dance and music show that tells a story located in the Villava of 1512.

Atarrabia Abesbatza,(2012)

     Collaboration with Atarrabia Abesbatza de Villava in his show "Concierto Con-Sentido". Choral group composed of 40 people with a strong commitment and a great love for singing and culture.

Txalaparta Biraka,(2012-2015)

      It is a show created by the group Oreka Tx, which consists of 8 txalapartaris with txalapartas of stone, wood and other materials; a group of batucada-percussion, ZoZongo, and 3 dancers. Carnival of Bordeaux, the whale parade of Bilbao and the White Virgin of Vitoria

Txalaparta Topaketa Londres, (2011)
       Hutsun participated in the first meeting of txalapartaris made outside our borders. There they had the opportunity to also give a concert, make a small workshop with the local people.